Resume Introduction letter

Resume Introduction letter


A Resume is a document which mentions all the academic qualifications of an individual as well their past job experience and any extracurricular achievements that they might be having. It gives out any information about the person that might be required by an organization when applying for a job.

A Resume introduction letter is written by an individual who is applying for a job. The letter of application is usually accompanied by a copy of resume for the potential employer’s reference. A resume introduction letter is written to direct the individual’s credentials to the potential employer’s attention in the enclosed resume. It might give a brief introduction about the individual applying for the job and the post that they are applying for. The letter should be kept short and formal and provide the potential employer with any information that they might require in brief and might enquire about any queries that the applier might be having.


Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Resume Introduction letter


Kendra R. Rodriquez

1422 Boone Crockett Lane
Ferndale, WA 98248

January 20, 2011


Recruitment Officer

National Catering Industry

4491 Bedford Road

Irving, TX 75063

Dear Sir / Madam,

Subject: Resume for Job Application

I am writing to enquire about the vacancy of a chef in your esteemed organization, National Catering Industry. I saw your advertisement in a local newspaper and would like you to consider this as my application for the mentioned post.

I am a graduate from Ohio Culinary Arts School of the batch of 2006, and I have worked at various culinary outlets since my graduation. I am pleased to enclose my resume of qualifications and experience for your kind perusal. I have been privileged to enter some culinary competitions and to emerge as a champion or a runner-up. I am skilled in various cuisines; Asia, Western, European, etc.

I have traveled to Asia and Europe to taste and learn their local cuisines and delicacies. I would welcome a golden opportunity to work with your prestigious company as I know that National Catering Industry is very well established with a lot of branches and eateries. It would be a great learning experience for me to work with your organization and I hope to use my culinary skills and make your company proud.

I look forward to an interview and perhaps a cooking demo for your kind consideration of my job application. In case of any queries, feel free to contact me on the address mentioned in the resume or call me on 873-3827.

Thanking you.

Yours truly

Kendra R. Rodriquez

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