Restaurant Complaint Letter

Restaurant Complaint Letter


A Restaurant complaint letter is usually sent by a patron or customer of the restaurant who experienced some bad dining services and now writes to make a complaint about the bad service, to the restaurant management. The letter should provide the details of the bad incident with the restaurant so that the restaurant management can conduct an investigation. The letter is usually written to the customer relationship manager or grievances cell of the organisation, here a restaurant. The letter also acts as a remedial measure that the organisation may take in resolving the issue.

The letter must include details about the unpleasant experience of the patron and the details of the incident. The cause of displeasure may be noted. Since this letter may have dire consequences on the person who is subject to the complaint, the writer must weigh the consequences thoroughly before writing the letter. The letter must not include the trivial matters which might not have any logical standing in the complaint. Although this letter is a complaint letter, the letter must be formal and the tone of the letter must be polite.


Sample Letter

The following is a Sample of a Restaurant Complaint Letter.


Raj Ashwani,

West View Park,


Date: 22 July 1776.


Customer Relationship Manager,

Hilltop Hotels Chain,


Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Complaint against Bad Service

I wish to make a formal complaint against your restaurant staff last evening over their bad service, which spoiled my evening with my girlfriend, especially on Valentine’s Day. The waiters assigned to our table made lewd remarks about the women in the restaurant and caused great displeasure by disrupting the ambience of the restaurant.

I was greatly disappointed that my Valentine’s special was spoiled by the poor attitude of your staff. They were unprofessional in their service with their snickering and whispering in front of romantic couples, who wanted to enjoy solitude in your restaurant, which caused awkwardness among the couples, who were celebrating Valentine’s Day. Their bad service was a real damper for all couples at your restaurant.

I must urge you to take consideration of this complaint and investigate this matter. Your restaurant is reputed, but I am afraid your staff are ruining your reputation by exhibiting their unprofessional behaviour. I hope you will ensure a proper orientation about etiquette and manners to your staff.

I hope that you will look into this matter and train your staff properly to have the appropriate behavior befitting the occasion. I am disappointed to say that I am quite hesitant to return to your restaurant for future celebrations.

Yours sincerely,

Roy Lewis

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