Response To Customer Complaint Letter


A Response To Customer Complaint Letter is written to the client of the company. When a customer purchases a product from a company and has a complaint about the product or service provided by the firm, then the customer writes a Customer Complaint Letter.

After the complaint has been received, then the company needs to send a response to the client and also to solve the problem that the customer is facing. The problem could be with the service offered by the company or the product that the customer has purchased.

The letter needs to very polite and understands the client’s problem. If you want the client to a permanent one, you need to make sure that you fulfill their expectations. If the company cannot solve the problem, then they need to put this point forward very politely. You can offer them an alternative option for not being able to solve their primary problem. Given below is an e.g. that could be of help to you when you write a Response To Customer Complaint Letter.



Rajeev Mehra,

Customer Complaint Department Manager,

Lock and Seal,

Mahim West,




Twinkle Mehta,

13-Ganga Apartments,

Shalimar Chowk,

Andheri West,


Subject: Response To Customer Complaint Letter

Dear Ma’am,

I am Rajeev Mehra,  the Customer Complaint Department Manager of Lock and Seal. I have received your complaint regarding the products you bought last week from our shop.

I would like to apologize for facing this issue even though you have been a loyal customer of our company. I have looked into the matter and spoken to my head regarding your complaint, and we have come up to the conclusion that since it is our mistake, we have decided to give a refund as well as a 20% discount coupon on the next purchase that you make with our store.

I apologize for my employee’s lethargic behavior, and service offered to you while you were at the store. I am glad that you wrote back to us and further informed us about the experience you had. This will help us improve our employee’s service by giving them training and teaching them more skills and attend our customer well.

We assure you that you will never have to face an experience as such with our company ever again. We apologize for this time.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Rajeev Mehra.

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