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The reason why the print medium ( typically newspapers) is so cheap is that they make a large chunk of their profits through advertisements. Companies from all industries such as education, services, product, etc. want to advertise in newspapers as it is not only the fastest but also easiest form of marketing where they can inform the masses about their services/ products.

These advertisements could be of various types. Including matrimonial or jobs related. However, for anybody who is drawn to the advertisement printed, they have the option of contacting the advertisers in response for what they are offering. When an individual does that, they are required to mention the date of when the ad was posted in the newspaper and what exactly the ad was even about. These letters must be as detail oriented as possible so that your interest or message is conveyed effectively. Follow the sample letter given below-


The Washing Machine

Building 8

Cannought Place

New Delhi-123262



Rakesh Singh


MG Road


Subject: Response to Ad in Newspaper

To whom so ever it may concern

Respected Sir/ Ma’am

I write this letter in response to your advertisement in The Times of India, dated DD/MM/YYYY in the Utility section. The Whirlpool is one of the premiere companies in the field of home appliances, and your advertisement about your latest range of washing machines drew my attention at once.

Your advertisement also mentioned that there would be either a special discount offer or exchange. I have purchased a washing machine from your company at the Galleria outlet in YYYY. The model number is a washpool 236, and I have been extremely happy with the functioning of the machine as well as the annual servicing offered with it.

Which is why after seeing your offer I would like to purchase the new nimbus 200 machine. Your washing machine comes with a drier facility which I believe my current model is lacking. This new addition would make my laundry easy and therefore I have decided to purchase as per your exchange offer as mentioned in the ad.

I request you to send your service man so that he can review my machine and let me know if it is eligible for the offer. Please schedule this visit for DD/MM/YYYY at 11 am. The address is mentioned above.

I look forward to hearing back from you at the earliest.

Thank you

Rakesh Singh


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