Response Letter

Response LetterWhenever there is an invitation or offer; it is essential to write a response letter, A Response letter is a reply to an invitation or offer. It could mean a lot of things; the response could range from positive to negative, it could say a lot about the offer and the person who has offered the invitation. When you’re happy with the offer, and you take in the positive sense of manner, the response letter is rather optimistic and for a better purpose.

When you aren’t happy with the invitation or the request, the response letter is usually written negatively. When writing a response letter, you should keep in mind to write in a semi formal manner, if writing positively. Remember to maintain an enthusiastic tone throughout, if you’re writing in a negative sense keep in mind not to make it too brutal and but ensure to maintain your opinion in a manner that does not hurt the reader.

Check out the sample letter mentioned below to get an idea of how to write an effective response letter.


Barry Duncan

4561 Crescent Avenue
New Braunfels, TX 78130



Samuel Flint

Credit Manager

First World Bank

6530 Mayor Street
Florence, KY 41042

Dear Sir

RE: Decline the Loan Offer

Thank you for your kind loan offer of $10,000 as per your letter dated DD/MM/YYYY. I will have to decline this offer at the moment as I do not have any financial needs which require such a loan.

As it is, I am currently servicing a housing loan of $25,000 from your financial institution with a balance of $3,500 which should be settled in a couple of months as per the loan agreement.

Hence, please cancel off the new loan offer to me so that I will not be incurred extra finance charges. This letter serves to inform you that I decline the loan offer of $10,000 from First World Bank offered to me on DD/MM/YYYY and that no financial charges shall be incurred upon me.

If there is anything more that you would want to know, please contact me on ********** or email me on

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Barry Duncan

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