Response Letter to a Complaint

Response Letter to a ComplaintIntroduction

As a service or a product oriented enterprise, a company is bound to receive complaints about their products. In such cases, it is professional to acknowledge the complaint and responding to it. Not paying heed to the complaint is extremely unprofessional and can lead to the bad branding of the company.

The company writes a Response letter to a Complaint in response to a complaint received. The letter refers to the complaint of the customer and addresses the issue of the complaint, hopefully providing a satisfactory reason or solution to appease the customer. A response letter projects a good image of the company to the customer. This is a formal letter and should, therefore, begin with a long and sincere apology on behalf of the company about the pending complaint. Do mention what the company can do on its end to rectify the error. Provide compensation to the customer/consumer wherever necessary.

Sample Letter


Customer Service

Beautiful Drapes

9938 Green Leaf Avenue
Alexander City, AL 83332

January 28, 2011


Nellie Myers

2372 Joes Road
Albany, NY 12207

Dear Madam

RE: Response to Complaint

This letter is in response to the complaint the company has received on your behalf. We refer to your letter of complaint dated January 24, 2011. We understand there was an issue with our products and unfortunately you were on the receiving end of it. Thank you for taking out time and writing to us about your experience with our products. We appreciate the good feedback to improve our products and services and will most definitely take it into consideration on how the improve our products.

We understand you have purchased drapes from us. We would like to inform you that It is common for some materials to shrink a little after its first wash. Please allow us to apologize that our service staff did not caution you of this fact for the drape you purchased. You are welcome to make a change on the product purchased as it is our policy to satisfy our customers. Every home should have the best fittings and drapes.

For future purposes, we would like to advise you to wash this material only in cold water. This fabric isn’t fit for a wash in washing machines and should, therefore, be washed only be hand. Please also ensure that this fabric isn’t mixed with any other fabric during its wash.

Please come in during our office hours to make the change with your right measurements for your new set of drapes. We hope that your home will be beautifully draped with more Beautiful Drapes products.

Yours sincerely,


Customer Service

Beautiful Drapes

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