Resignation Withdrawal letter

Resignation Withdrawal letter


A Resignation Withdrawal letter is written by an employee who may have tendered his resignation letter but then changed his mind and wants to withdraw his resignation. He writes this resignation withdrawal letter to request a withdrawal of his resignation. The letter should be written courteously with a good reason for the withdrawal of resignation. Mention what caused you to make a sudden decision and why you wish to change it. This letter needs to be written carefully as the matter is sensitive and it all depends on how you write your letter whether they will accept your request or not.

Being polite is the key to writing such a letter. Resignation withdrawal letter should be convincing enough to make the employer trust you again. Be precise and concise in explaining your reasons. Your reasons should be strong and persuasive. It should appeal to the authority to consider your request. Always be courteous. This letter should be written as soon as possible after you have given your resignation. If you send out this letter many days after giving your resignation, then there is a chance this letter would automatically become ineffective as they might have already chosen someone else for the position.



Gordon Robins

Senior Accountant

Chartered Accountancy Corporation



Mr. Ray Flint

Senior Partner

Chartered Accountancy Corporation

Dear Sir

RE: Resignation Withdrawal

Thank you for your kind counsel over my resignation. Please allow me to apologize over my resignation without your knowledge. You were out of the country when I handed in my resignation.

After my discussion with you last week, I am convinced that I can still be of great service to Chartered Accountancy Corporation. I apologize for being so myopic over my career. I have thought about your advice, and I think my decision was hasty. I wish to continue to work with you and learn newer skills. I wish to contribute to this firm in even greater capacities. I am grateful for your kind words of advice. Thank you for enlightening me on this matter.

Hence, I would like to request a withdrawal of my resignation. Please consider my resignation letter to be void and null immediately, and I shall continue with my current position. It will be my honor to serve Chartered Accountancy Corporation with you as my mentor and superior.

Thank you for your trust and confidence in me.

Yours Sincerely,

Gordon Robins

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