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Money is an important factor today, after globalization. Most of the people are after getting ‘good job’ means the job which gives more salary, perks, other free facilities. The concept of “permanent job’, ‘stability of job’ are slowly disappearing shortly, and ‘contract job’ is stepping in. Naturally, loyalty towards a company, working in any company for years, are all the disappearing concepts, as also companies were respecting their ex-employees for their contribution to the functioning of the company,  are also the disappearing concept.

Naturally, the present generation is a practically thinking generation than earlier morally and emotionally attached generation as far as job and company are concerned. Therefore changing job is becoming a common phenomenon. Thus recruitment, resignation, termination without attachment is becoming a common phenomenon. Hence, the Resignation Letters is a common and essential requirement today. The common reasons are changing job for better prospects, higher starting salary, more perks, general shift duty, near to residence, and therefore the Resignation Letters are required to be drafted accordingly.

Sample Letters:

The following is a sample of Resignation Letters


Johnson Gloria,

12 Nepean sea road,

Mumbai 400025



A J John,

Managing Director,


Mumbai 400001

Subject: Resignation from Services

Respected Mr. John,

I passed the UPSC’s Civil Services examination in 2016. I am instructed to join training in August 2017. I am very much thankful to you and our company for permitting me to study, up course without affecting the functioning in the organization. My service in the organization also helped me in the examination because I understood the administrative matters such as ‘Inventory, Procurement as per cost by using ABC analysis and also by using a vital, essential and desirable concept of procurement’. This job also helped me to understand disaster management, the functioning, and coordination among all concerned during a disaster and the way to overcome the same.

Since I have to give a notice of three months, I am requesting to consider my this letter as Resignation Letter and the notice period from 2.5.2017 to 2.8.2017. In the meantime, you are requested to give me experience and character certificate. You are also requested to process my final dues.
Thanking you,

With Regards’,

(name and designation)


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