Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter


Often, when a professional intends to resign from a given job or position, he/she will have to write a letter informing the organization/superior of the same. In such a case, it is crucial to drafting a polite and appropriate resignation letter as many things such as the recommendation letter, conduct certificate, etc. might depend on how you present your decision. A resignation letter is written to inform a company/superior of the writer’s intention to resign from the current position in the enterprise.

This letter includes the reason(s) for resignation, the date on which the resignation becomes effective as well as required conditions. The reason for the resignation is stated to make sure that no ill feelings or resentment is caused between the writer and the reader due to the resignation. Also to ensure that a note of appreciation is recorded for the support and assistance rendered during the work tenure.

Sample Letter


Kristopher E. Robinson

Accounts Manager

Holmes Accounting

New York


Date: May 15, 2010



Wayne Marcus

Human Resources Manager

Holmes Accounting

New York


Subject: My Resignation

Dear Mr. Marcus,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am tendering my resignation from the position of Accounts Manager at Holmes Accounting with this letter. My resignation will be in effect from 15 June 2010, that is, this letter is to provide the required one month’s notice.

I have been a part of this excellent company for the last five years, and I regret to inform you of my decision to resign from the position. Tendering my resignation was quite a hard decision for me. However, I do not have a choice as I am leaving due to the need to care for my ailing mother in my hometown, New Jersey. I will relocate to New Jersey as soon as possible.

Hence, it is due to uncertain and unavoidable circumstances that I am to bid farewell to you and everyone else at Holmes Accounting. These last five years have been a very educational and inspiring part of my life. Holmes Accounting has taught me a lot.

I would also like to thank you for your unfailing support and assistance rendered to me during my tenure here. Please feel free to contact me before my last working day in case of any queries regarding my resignation or if there is any area that requires my assistance.

Thanking You.

Yours sincerely,

Kristopher Robinson

Accounts Manager


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