Resignation Letter Writing

Employees often need to leave the employment of their employees owing to various circumstances and choices, and they need to notify their employer the same for an easier transition. A Resignation Letter is a letter written by an individual who is employed by an institution or company to his or her employer to let them know of their wish to leave the company and pursue their career elsewhere or change career. Such a letter should be formal, polite and reflect gratitude. It should be completely free of grammatical, structural and spelling errors. To ensure that the possibility of reinstatement is open for future consideration providing a plausible reason and maintaining healthy post parting relationship is recommended.

The writer should mention the loss being incurred by them in having to leave a company that has treated them well and tended to their needs. It is recommended to show appreciation for the opportunities of learning, growth, and experience provided. The letter should end by addressing the precise issue of serving the notification period, handing over of responsibilities to replacement and training of the new employee in the quality of ethics of operation upheld and mandated by the organization.

Sample Letter:


609, Mandela Road,
Sacramento, California 94203

August 8, 2010


Human Resource Management
4523, Carpenter Lane,
Oakland, California 94577

Dear Madam,

RE: Voluntary Resignation Letter

With grave sorrow, I must put forward my resignation for your approval owing to the circumstances that cannot be otherwise addressed. I need to move back to my parent country, India, due to the expiration of my work visa that couldn’t be updated. I must put in my resignation request as my embassy was not able to help me in the matter although they also put in relentless efforts to update my work visa. It has been a joyful time working with this great organization that keeps its employee’s happiness foremost. I cannot thank you enough for all that I have learned working here. I extend my gratitude for the same.

I have tried my level best to be as productive as possible in my efforts to repay the kind treatment I have received from this organization. Your guidance and support shall be deeply missed. One cannot hope to find a better mentor than you. I have attached my progress report of this month and I shall be serving my required notice period of one month and shall make myself completely accessible during the transition period. I shall hand over the assignments and projects assigned to me to the individual succeeding me and provide them with all the necessary knowledge to be productive in this position.

Thank you for your kind understanding and consideration.

Yours sincerely

Deepak Kumar
Employee I.D.: 368300587

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