Resignation Letter With Complaint

A Resignation Letter with Complaint is a letter that is usually written by an employee to her/his employer when they wish to depart from the services they are currently employed at owing to a complaint that is the primary cause and may not have been resolved even after prior notification. Such letters are common in the corporate world where employees are looking for a constant shift of employment opportunities. Such a letter needs to be formal in the language with a tone that is authoritative and carries the remnant of the complaint that remains unaddressed. It should be free from grammatical, spelling and structural mistakes. Providing a viable reason takes into consideration the provision for reinstatement in the future if necessary.

The author ought to then continue to give a thankfulness to the chances of social occasion understanding, aptitude, and development that the association furnished them with. It is encouraged to specify how the misfortune is the author and how it is a vital separating despite the fact that an accident all the same. End the letter by appending every single formal detail of the handover of obligations that are an absolute necessity for organizations to guarantee a smooth transitioning. It also ensures that the writer receives a good recommendation as compensation for the wrongs done.

Sample Letter:


243, Parks Lane,
Houston, Texas 76243

August 8, 2010


Human Resource Management
Fort Worth Centre, El Paso Border,
Fort Worth, Texas 76243

Dear Madam,

RE: Voluntary Resignation Letter

With grave sorrow, I must put forward my resignation for your approval owing to the circumstances that cannot be otherwise addressed. I need to resign due to the repeated failure of the address of my workplace harassment. I must put in my resignation request as the accumulated stress is now unbearable. It has been a happy three years working with this great organization that keeps its employee’s happiness foremost but has somehow neglected my case of constant bullying and harassment by my immediate senior. I cannot thank you enough for all that I have learned working here, and I am aware that you are not in a position to help my cause that has caused me all the harm and stress. I extend my gratitude for the guidance of yours that has always helped me in doing my duties.

I have tried my level best to be as productive as possible in my efforts to repay the kind treatment I have received from this organization. Your guidance and support shall be deeply missed. One cannot hope to find a better mentor than you. I have attached my progress report of this month and I shall be serving my required notice period of one month and shall make myself completely accessible during the transition period. I shall hand over the assignments and projects assigned to me to the individual succeeding me and provide them with all the necessary knowledge to be productive in this position.

Thank you for your kind understanding and consideration.

Yours sincerely

Joseph Worker
Employee I.D.: 94562387

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