Resignation Letter To Boss


A Resignation Letter To Boss is written to the employer when you wish to resign from your current job for your reasons. While writing a resignation letter can be tricky, it is always important and better that you submit your resignation letter in writing. This will clear the doubts from everyone’s mind as to when you are leaving the office and if you will finish all your work till that date or not.

Now, there might be instances where you have to or may want to tell your employer as to why you are leaving this job. At times, it can be a happy and positive news where you might have got a better job position elsewhere or a job in your dream company. Though your resignation from this post might be a sad news for your company.

There can be other cases where you would not want to disclose as to why you are resigning from the job. In such situations, you can keep the letter short and sweet. The key to writing a resignation letter is that you need to be polite and speak about everything honestly. Given below is a sample letter of a Resignation Letter To Boss which can be used by you while writing such a letter.




Priyank Keswal,

3- Daffodil Apartments,

Huston Road,





Mr. Raj Singhania,

Gaylord Pvt. Ltd.

Bandra Kurla Complex,


Respected Sir,

I, Priyank Keswal, Head of the Marketing Department, am writing this letter to you to inform you that I am resigning from my job as the Marketing Head. This is because I have been offered a job proposal in my dream company at Skylar Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai.

I hope you understand that I need to resign from my current job as I don’t want to miss the opportunity for working for Skylar. I can assure you that I will complete all my targets by the time I resign from this job on DD/MM/YYYY. I have already devised a plan which if I follow I will undoubtedly accomplish all my targets two days before my resignation. I will also list down the names of a few possible employees who can take my position as the head.

I hope you take this resignation of mine as a positive and progressive step in my life and career. Whenever you need me, I will just be a call away. Thank you for all the wonderful memories you have given me, Sir. I truly will cherish them all.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Priyank Keswal.

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