Resignation Letter One Week Notice


The companies / organizations / hospital establishments/ government establishments / shops / theatre  / educational institution etc. have adopted policies suitable to them, but in line with Act and Rules. Employment, working, retirement is the phenomenon related to every company/office and every person whether he/she is an employee or employer. Some companies take the probationary officers as ‘On the job training”, and before giving training, they take an agreement or bond or undertaking that the person taking the training has to work with the organization for a few years. Some organizations require a notice period of six months. But most companies require a notice period of three months for the employees working with them. Here is a case in which the corporation needs a notice period of one week from the employee submitting resignation.

The employee has to submit a Letter of Resignation to the employer with One Weeks Notice. During this period the employer will check whether any assignment given to the employee is pending with him? Whether his job is being handed over to another employee successfully? If not then the employer will ensure that the person resigning will complete his assignment before his relieving from the services of the company/organization.


Sample Letters:

The following is a sample of Resignation Letter One Week Notice


Johnson Gloria,

42, Nepean sea road,

Mumbai 400025

Tel: +91 22 44444444



A J John,

Managing Director,


Mumbai 400016

Sub: Resignation with one week notice.

Dear John,

I have completed 20 years of service with this company and enjoyed the working. Due to the sudden transfer of my wife, working in Indian Navy, to Calicut I have no option but to leave the job. She has been given a period of one week to resume duties at Calicut.

Given my sincere, dedicated, loyal service, I am requesting you to consider my Resignation with One Week Notice under the notice period and relieve me from duties with effect from DD/MM/YYYY. You are also requested to issue me experience certificate and character certificate.

You are also requested to process my final dues bills, my provident fund, pension scheme processing, etc. I am having 180 days of balance privilege leave, ten days of casual leave, and 90 days of medical leave, available to my credit. You are requested to process all these days leave for leave encashment.

Given all the conditions clear to you, request you to process all the procedures speedily and ensure my payment of bills on my last working day in the office.

In the future also, you can call me at any time on my phone number +91 9999999999, or give me a message on my email, in a case of emergency, I will be conveying my new address soon.

Yours sincerely

Johnson Gloria.


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