Resignation Letter Of Teacher


Resignation letters are written by people who decides to resign from their post whatever it may be, it can either be because of their fulfilment of their work tenure or because of situations which demands them to resign from their job. So resignation letter of teacher is a letter written by teacher when they decide to resign from the school. The reasons must be mentioned and also the date on which you plan to leave the school must also be mentioned.

Since the school authorities need to find another teacher who fills in your vacancy, you must give them the resignation one month prior to the date in which you plan to resign. Since the letter acts as a written proof for your service with the school, do not use any harsh words. You might have a lot of experiences to share but do keep in your might that this is an official letter and so keeping it simple and short will make it a perfect resignation letter.

Sample Letter


Eliza Oommen,

Shamsudeen Manali,

Near Selaiyur Police Station,

East Tambaram,




The Principal,

Madras Christian College School,

East Tambaram,


Subject: Resignation Letter

Respected Sir,

This letter serves the purpose of a written document for my resignation which was already informed to you while we had a telephonic conversation on DD/MM/YYYY. My last working day along with you, in school will be DD/MM/YYYY.

I decided to resign from your school as my husband got a transfer to Bangalore and our family is planning to shift there. It would be difficult for our family to be at two different places. Hope you understand my situation.

My decision about resigning from this institution brings me great pain while I think of the wonderful people here. But change is inevitable so I will have to adjust with it. I am submitting my resignation one month before my absence so that you could search for another teacher who would work hard in order to bring laurels to the school and mounds children to become great in their life.

If you are in need of any help regarding anything, you can contact me at 98765443215. I assure you that there won’t be any pending works from my end, so that the new joinee can have a good start.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused due to my decision of leaving from the school.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Eliza Oommen.

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