Resignation Letter Of Manager


A resignation letter is written to the employer when a person is planning to leave a company, institution or organization for any reasons. The letter must, however, include the declaration of you resigning the post and the reason for the same. The letter must be written at least one month before you leave the company so that it is simple for them to find a new person at your vacant position. Since it is a written document and would be a proof for your working with the company, do not use any language that would result in a bad impression.

Even though it is easy to write a resignation letter, you must be very careful in not using any harsh words. It is an important milestone in your career journey,  and so you might take this opportunity to say a lot about your experiences and your life lessons learned. Remember that it is an official letter and so it is better to try making it as short and precise as possible so that the reader won’t get bored by reading your letter of resignation.

Sample Letter


Eliza Oommen,

Shamsudeen Manali,

Near Selaiyur Police Station,

East Tambaram,


May 13, 2015.


The Director,

Mitel Corp,

East Tambaram,


Subject: Resignation Letter

Respected Sir,

Hope this letter reaches to you at the best of your health.

This letter serves as a written document for the resignation which I talked to you on the telephone last week. DD/MM/YYYY will be the last day in my working career.  My health doesn’t demand me to continue working in your organization, and so I, with great regret have decided to resign from the post of manager from your company.

I am very much blessed and lucky to say that I have a whole lot of memories to take away with me from this company, while I am planning to resign. I will be forever grateful to your business of the same. I am attaching a copy of the doctor’s report along with this so that you could understand my situation of resigning from this company.

I am submitting this letter before one month so that I hope you can find a software manager to fill in my vacant position who can I hope to bring in laurels to the company by his/her dedication and commitment to work. If you need any help regarding the same, you can contact me at any time. I am quite sure that the newly appointed person will love it here, working along with some of the beautiful people in the world. I will also make sure that there won’t be any unfinished work that will be left behind for the new software engineer when he comes for the job so that he can start from square one on his first day of the job.

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused due to my decision of leaving the company.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Eliza Oommen.


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