Resignation Acceptance Letter

Resignation Acceptance LetterIntroduction

A Resignation acceptance letter is written to acknowledge that the management accepts the resignation letter of the employee. This letter is written to an employee in response to his resignation letter. It is written to confirm the resignation of the staff and to inform him/her that the management has accepted his/her resignation. The resigning employee may be required to fulfill certain management regulations.

Since it is a business letter formal and professional tone should be maintained. The letter must state the official last day of work of the employee. The letter may contain praise for the employee; it may indicate that you regret losing a valuable staff and you respect his/her decision. The letter must inform the company’s resignation policy to the employee, and he/she must stick to it. The letter may include the assistance you may provide to the employee, such as a reference, but this section can be optional.

Following is a Resignation acceptance letter, go through it and get an idea of how to draft and things to use and avoid in a resignation acceptance letter.

Sample Letter

This a sample for resignation acceptance letter.


John Albert Hastings

Personnel Manager,

AdiPLabs Insurance Pvt. Ltd.

#34/AD2 Roshpa Avenue
Baskerville, LA 680245



William Buckley


AdiPLabs Insurance Pvt. Ltd.

Subject: – Regarding acceptance of your job resignation letter.

Dear Mr. Bckley,

On behalf of the management of AdiPLabs Insurance Pvt. Ltd., I confirm accepting your resignation from the post of Accountant with the company, with effect from DD/MM/YYYY, which is also your last day of work at AdiPLabs Insurance Pvt. Ltd.. Your usual high standards of work should remain undoubted till you are engaged with this company.

It has been a pleasure working with an employee like you. Please refer to the Human Resource Department for clearing your responsibilities, leave and all dues before your last working day. You are required to have the signatures of the department heads from various departments for clearance before you exit the company.

Kindly submit all the company identification tags and keys before you leave. Also, do ensure that all your responsibility is completed or passed on to your successor before your last day at work.

We wish you all success in your future endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,

John Albert Hastings

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