Reservation Letter


As the name suggests, one writes a reservation letter to book or place an order for a conference, party or in some rare cases, a hotel room if the conventional methods such as phones are unavailable. While uncommon, one can opt to use a reservation letter over a phone call to place a special request while making the booking, especially when it cannot be accurately described in case of a phone call. An advantage of writing a letter over other means is that the hotel/company has a physical proof of your request in case verification is needed.

A Reservation Letter is formal in nature and hence must adhere to all the relevant guidelines. One must use a polite tone, and the contents of the letter must be brief and precise. It must contain the relevant details regarding the reservation and any requests that you need to be carried out along with it. One must be careful in avoiding errors of any kind as miscommunication can alter the meaning of your request.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a Reservation Letter.



The Wells Hotel






Leonard Fitz

4534 Shamrock Street



Subject: Reservation Letter


Dear Sir/Maam,

I would like to place a reservation for hotel rooms at your establishment beginning of the DD/MM/YYYY. I have heard great things about your hospitality and standards, and I hope that you can comply as per our requests.

My family shall be arriving in the early morning on the DD/MM, and in total, we shall require three rooms to accommodate the eleven persons, of which five are children under the age of twelve, for whom extra beds need to be provided. I would like to request arrangements for breakfast when we arrive as well as arrangements for tour guides to take us in and around the city, in all the notable tourist attractions, local cuisine as well as any shopping spots to purchase local produce while we are at the hotel. I would like to mention that we would be grateful if you can provide us with tours to picnic spots close to the city as well. We shall be staying at the hotel for a total of four days and will be checking out on the 17th, in the night. We shall hence require cabs to drive us back to the airport as well as assistance in moving the luggage.

My friends who previously visited your hotel recommended that I visit your establishment and I hope to experience the hospitality that they received. I would appreciate it if you can send in details regarding the expenditure and other necessary details regarding the booking and tours

Yours Truly,

Leonard Fitz


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