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For any content creator, it is of utmost importance that their content remains authentic and does not get plagiarized. Plagiarism is the concept of stealing content- be it in writing, in the form of videos, or even copying pictures without the permission of the original creators of these pieces of art. It is also deemed illegal to use plagiarized content. Artists also have their content copyrighted, which means none can use that material without their permission otherwise they can charge you for stealing their pieces of work.

Therefore, for anybody wanting to use someone else’s material, they can simply write a letter seeking to use their content. This is a formal and polite letter, where the writer must be particular regarding the material they wish to use. The must specify which article from where they would like to use along with the reason as to why they would like to use the material.



Mrs. Karen

Stanford University




Aishwarya Kakkar

House 18, X Road


Subject: Request to use Copyrighted Material

Respected Ma’am,

I would like to start my letter by mentioning what a huge fan I am of your work. You are one of the most renowned professors at Stanford, and that reflects in your work- especially your research paper on child psychology. I have kept up with your studies on cognitive and social learning in children up to the ages of 12, and I feel like it is one of the most comprehensive studies there is in the field of child psychology.

It is for this reason that I am writing to you, ma’am. I am a final year psychology student at Stanford, and as you are aware, for our final year we need to write a dissertation. My dissertation is based on child psychology of course. Ma’am, I would like to seek your permission in using your material for my research paper. I would like to use it to make referrals and compare my studies to the result obtained in yours.

I would be mentioning your name and a research paper in my bibliography. I would be grateful if you gave me permission to use your copyrighted material. If possible, I would also like to interview you in person for one particular topic in my dissertation.

I look forward to positively hearing back from you. I thank you for your time.

Aishwarya Kakkar


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