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A survey is the first step towards studying a market or getting the response of the majority for a particular project.The study of this market is essential to proceed with the project at hand and arrive at a probable outcome. Surveys are short questionnaires that hope to elicit the reader’s point of view on various topics mentioned in the survey. This can be a list of questions for a company or a research survey for a student.

Whatever the survey is for, it needs to be explained and attached to a request letter where a formal request is made for filling of the survey. However, it is of utmost importance to inform everybody that the responses elicited will strictly remain confidential and will only be used for the reasons mentioned above. Include kind words so that people are convinced of the same and are willing to be a part of the survey.



Students Union

Kamala Nehru College

August Kranti Marg

New Delhi-123232



Alish Khur

Kamala Nehru College

August Kranti Marg

New Delhi-123232

Subject: Survey for dissertation

To one and all,

My name is Alisha Khur, and I am a third-year student of Kamala Nehru College. As a part of my research paper, I am required to survey the impact of digital media in the promotion of sexism. I would be grateful if you could kindly take out two minutes to answer a few questions.

Sexism is a highly sensitive topic, and since the impact of media is pervasive in all, it becomes the easiest medium to promote a wrong mind set. Since my research paper will be published in the university journal, I wish to accelerate a changed mindset in the minds of the youth through my work. I urge you to be a part of the change and therefore request your cooperation. I promise that your information will remain confidential and the responses elicited will be strictly used for the survey and no other purpose.

Some of the questions include-

  1. What digital medium do you use the most?
  2. How many hours do you spend on the internet a day?
  3. Have you come across any sexist content?
  4. If yes, please elaborate.
  5. How did this sexist content impact the viewers?

I thank you in advance. If you wish to reach out to me for a personal interview, you can contact me on 927379723947

Thank you

Alisha Khur

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