Request Patience During Renovations Letter


There are times when residents or occupants of an area are disturbed due to events that are happening in or around their vicinity. Since these events are only temporary, a letter can be written to all concerned residents who describe the nature of the event and also includes the plea to be patient during the duration of this event.

The letter under consideration below is addressed to the Resident Welfare association of society about the construction of a metro line in front of the society. The letter below gives full information about the construction along with necessary details such as the duration of the building along with solutions for the same. Since it is an event of inconvenience, a very polite tone must be followed through out the letter. Refer to the sample letter:



Resident Welfare Association

Beverly Park II





The Municipal Corporation

Iffico Chowk


Subject: Request to be patient

Respected Residents,

As you are aware, under the directives of the Government of Delhi and Haryana, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) will be extending the yellow line to Gurgaon as well. It is a great boon for the citizens of Gurgaon as it will drastically reduce traffic on the road. It will also improve connectivity to Delhi not only at a cheaper rate but also at a much faster time!

However, the construction for one of the stations will be taking place on MG road, right opposite Beverly park II. Which is why there will be inconvenience caused on the road as the construction needs to take place. The construction is scheduled to start in MM/YYYY and will hopefully end by MM/YYYY.

We request you to consider how the benefits outweigh the inconvenience which is why we kindly request you to be patient during this period. We will be opening alternate routes to divert traffic and restrict the construction from 9 am to 9 pm to keep the noise pollution at a minimum level.

We are open to suggestions from anyone and everyone so that this phase can be made as convenient as possible. We urge you to write back to us so that we can be as helpful to you as we can.

Feel free to reach out to us at-134312423

Thank you

Rajesh Sharma


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