Request Letter for transfer


A request letter for applying for a transfer is written by a working employee who wishes to opt for a transfer to another department or branch if the company has other branches. The reason why you need the transfer must be mentioned correctly. Make sure it must be a genuine reason else the management would not accept your transfer request. The transfer letter must clearly indicate the details why you need the transfer. There can be many reasons for it like health issues, family issues, location issues and much more.

The reasons that you specify for your transfer must be genuine enough else the management might fail to agree on your point. If there are any supporting documents, then you can send them along with your letter so that it gives you a greater weight. Like if you are having health issues and you need a transfer then you can attach your test reports so that it can prove your point.

Sample Letter:

The following is an example of Request Letter for transfer.



35A, Block-C,

MK Street,




Mr. Panchal,

56K, Block-1,

JH Street,


Subject: Request for transfer

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I am a current working employee in this company and would request a transfer within the enterprise. I understand that there is a vacancy in the Accounts department for Accounts Executive. I am currently the Systems Operator in the I.T. department. But I have been taking part-time Accounting courses over the past two years and have recently graduated with an Accounting degree.

I believe the company has an urgent need to fill the Accounts Executive position. I would like to avail my services. You may put me on probation to test my accounting skills. There are enough Systems Operators in the I.T. department to handle the workload here. I consider myself efficient to work in this field and would request you to kindly transfer me to that department.

However, if this branch does not have sufficient vacancy, then you can also transfer me to the Northside office as I would not have any problem. Also, my residence would be much nearer to that place. Having a knack in the accounts department, I would like you to kindly process my request. I enjoy figures very much, and I hope that you will grant me the opportunity to grow my career with this company through the Accounts Department.

Thank you for your kind consideration on my request. Please look into my application and process the application and let me know at the earliest.

Yours truly,


Employee No.:9800332


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