Request Letter for Salary increment, Sample & Format

Request Letter for Salary incrementThere are many reasons to write a request letter for salary increment. Inflation may be the primary factor which prompts an employee to consider this request letter for salary increment. The letter should be formal and polite as it is a request and not a demand. Reasons for the request should be stated clearly and convincingly for favorable consideration.


Nora K. Neely


Pan Global Enterprise

January 10, 2011


William Ryder

Office Manager

Pan Global Enterprise

Dear Mr. Ryder

RE: Salary Increment Request

Please allow me to take a little of your busy schedule to discuss the above caption with you. This letter is written to make a special request of you.

As you know, inflation has crept up on our living standards and hence, increased my living expenses. My landlord just renewed my tenancy with a 20% increase of rental starting from this month. Food prices are also higher. I am a single mom with two school going children.

I sincerely apologize for imposing on you with my salary increase request, but I am not able to make ends met. I ask humbly if you look into my condition to consider a small increase in my salary to ease my financial burdens.

I have been a faithful and productive employee of Pan Global Enterprise for four years. I would appreciate your kind consideration on my request quickly.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Nora Neely

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