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In the busy lives that we live, it’s hard to slot in every possible activity or meeting inside twenty-four hours, and it couldn’t be any more accurate in our professional lives. Given the general workload that each employee has to complete in a day, it isn’t uncommon for them to have little time to tend to others, especially those who happen to work at a higher post. In such cases, one may have to book an appointment well in advance to discuss your job or proposition with him/her.

One way of requesting an appointment is by formally submitting an application in writing. This letter must be brief and concise in its contents and must include relevant details such as the date and timing when you intend to meet the person, as well as the location. Care must be taken to avoid any factual irregularities as it could not only lead to the appointment being scheduled at the wrong time but also have an adverse impact on how you are perceived.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a Request Letter for Appointment.



Jake Sullivan

Marketing Consultant

CSY Group


Date: 15th June  2017



Ian Finch


Link Solutions


Subject: Appointment Request Letter


Dear Mr. Sullivan,

I am writing this letter to request a formal appointment as I have a few issues that I need to discuss with you at the earliest moment.

As you are aware, my company has recently decided to invest heavily in a new computing software development initiative which has caused quite a stir in the industry. Given the size of the operation as well the potentially high costs of completion, I would like to discuss your thoughts on the project and the impact it could have on the industry. Some of our staff and members of the management are skeptical about spending exorbitant amounts on something that may not have the impact that we expect and could leave us with a massive loss. Given our previous association, we would like you to analyze the appeal of this software, predict it’s impact and whether or not it’s a feasible and profitable pursuit. I want to discuss this further in person, and I would appreciate it if we could talk this over at your office at the earliest, preferably inside this week.

Please inform me of the date on which we can discuss this as well as the timing, and I shall make the necessary arrangements. I apologize for the urgency of the request, but it is something which must be dealt with at the earliest.

Yours Sincerely

Ian Finch

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