Request Letter For Allowance


Companies provide various allowances to their employees which are given if they are to perform tasks beyond their job or to improve the life. These expenses can range from travel costs, food, and living expenses, medical expenses, etc. They are given to the employee in situations when they are to perform tasks that would otherwise require them to spend their money.

In certain circumstances, the employee may not receive the allowance for the expenditure that he/she has had to incur while doing their job or may want to receive allowances in advance. In such cases, the employee must submit a formal request for allowances, duly explaining the situation and the dues that they are liable to receive. The letter must be brief and concise with its content and must avoid any unnecessary complications on the amount that they are due and the nature of the allowance.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a Request for Allowance Letter.



Accounts Dept

XYZ Corp





Ram Singh

Marketing Manager

XYZ Corp


Subject: Allowance Request


Respected in charge,

I would formally like to bring to your notice that I am yet to receive the full allowance for my recent business trip to attend the company conference held in Bangalore.

As per the company regulations, I am liable to receive an allowance for attending all the business related events that require my presence. Due to a mix-up at my time of departure, I didn’t receive any of the allocated funds and was given the assurance that I would receive the amount that I was liable to receive. However, despite the fact that the conference was held almost a month ago, I am yet to receive any update on the matter, despite my repeated efforts to get in touch with the personnel in charge. Including the travel, accommodation, and other miscellaneous costs, the allowance that I am due is Rs 21,500, and I possess all the necessary receipts and documents necessary to prove this. As I plan on taking my annual leave later this month, I would very much appreciate it if the funds were given to me before I go on leave as I the money I spent was intended to be used during my leave.

I hope that this matter can be resolved as early as possible and I receive the amount that I am due.

Yours Sincerely,

Ram Singh

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