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A wholesaler is a person who sells goods in bulk. He or she may have a reservoir or stocked up a pile of a particular product. In a business model, the retailer who eventually goes and sells his or her goods in the market obtains the goods from a whole seller only. A whole seller gives away these goods at a cheaper price than the market rate. As for the retailer, after obtaining the bulk items goes ahead and sells the products at a slightly higher price.

However, as a retailer also an individual should obtain a price list of products from multiple whole sellers before finalizing on one. This is done to obtain goods at the cheapest price possible. One way to do this is by making a formal request to the whole seller asking them for a proper list which mentions the prices of all items on sale.



Mansigh Whole Sale Shop

Akshin marg




Sharma Retailers

Akshin marg



Subject: Request for whole sale price letter

Respected Sir,

I head the Sharma retailers store in phase 2 Gurgaon. We are one of the premiere departmental stores in Phase II and have been operating successfully in the area since the past 5 years.

We earlier used to deal with KKR, who used to be our official whole sale partners. However, the KKR stall has shifted their operations to Bangalore, which is why our departmental store is on the look out for a new whole seller partner.

After much consideration and research me and my wife have decided to consult you and start a business tie up with your shop to supply us with products in the whole sale which we can then go ahead and sell as retail items in our outlet. However, before we finalize on anything, I would request you to kindly send me a Price list of all whole sale items you have currently. I request you to send us the prices of the following on a priority basis-

  1. Coconut Oil
  2. Body Lotion
  3. Rice
  4. Sanitary Pads
  5. Toothpaste

We would like to initiate our business deal based on the following items before we proceed further. I request you to send the price list latest by Friday.

We look forward to a long and successful association with you.

Thank you

Ras Sharma


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