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For an event of any scale and magnitude, the organizers will always need some extra hands on deck. These volunteers can be used for a multitude of tasks, ranging from needing them at the registration desk, attending to the guests of that particular event or simply managing the finances.

Regardless of the nature of the event, a formal request needs to be made for all the extra volunteers needed. This can be done by reaching out to an agency or directly to the people you wish to target through letters. The letter needs to be clear about the nature of the event and the work that will be expected out of them. A proper job description needs to be provided for all the roles that require volunteers along with details about the minimum qualifications that are required for potential volunteers. Moreover, specific instructions need to be given about where interested individuals can register.



Student’s Union

College of Business Studies

Rohini Sec 19




The Debating Society

College of Business Studies

Rohini Sec 19


Subject: Volunteers required for Event

Greetings to one and all!

As you are aware, college of business studies will be organizing its third parliamentary debate at the end of this month. Since it the first event at our new campus it needs to surpass everybody’s expectations regarding grandeur and execution. Which is why we will need extra hands on the deck for the smooth execution of our event.

As you are aware, we are one of the best debating societies in the circuit and therefore need to maintain a certain standard. We need volunteers for various roles as described below-

1.Registrations- We need a total of 5 students to sit at the registration desk of the first day to take down the names of all those participating in the debate.

2. Photographers- No event is complete unless it is documented in the form of aesthetically appealing pictures. We need people who have good knowledge about the working of a DSLR and are willing to stay back until 8 pm on all three days of the event to take pictures.

3. Runners- We need a team to monitor the hospitality segment of the debate. This will include ensuring all rooms have the required materials along with the distribution of refreshment coupons on an hourly basis.

Interested People can contact the undersigned or can drop by the debating room from Monday-Friday between 2-5 pm.

Avneet Singh

Debating Society



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