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A request is a letter written to request for quotes from manufacturers. It is a business letter and has to be formal. The tone should be polite. Mention your requirements, estimated quantity that you will order and the amount which you are ready to pay so that they can send a price according to your needs. Introduce yourself and your mode of business. The letter should be brief and concise but should contain all the necessary details. You can discuss the mode of payment but that will be too early to say.

Sometimes businesses have to engage with other businesses to fulfill a certain need and they have to go through a process where they approach different manufacturers so that their requirements are fulfilled and they can get the best value out of the money that they are putting in. One can also offer to check the items that you are going to buy.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter of the same.


Rhett Butler,

Para Legal,

221, Pearson Specter Litt,

Heathshire, London

20 April 2017


Damon Salvatore,


USI Furniture,

Baker Street, London

Subject: Request Letter For Quote

Dear Mr. Damon,

I recently read your advertisement in the London Times of selling furniture. It so happens that our law firm Pearson Specter Litt has opened a new office in Heathshire and we would like to be opened and functioning by the end of this month. To complete that objective we need furniture for our employees as well as clients. I noticed that your rates are quite reasonable and the furniture is modern as well as comfortable.

The following is the list of furniture that we require-

1) Computer Chairs- Fifteen (Black colour)

2) Leather Chairs- Five (Black colour)

3) Cushioned Chairs- Thirty (Black colour)

4) Computer Desks- Fifteen (wooden)

5) Glass Table- Five

6) Conference Table- One

7) Racks- Twenty-five (wooden)

8) Sofa sets- One (Black color)

Could you please tell the quotations of the items given above and what will the total amount be approximately? I could any day come by myself or send someone else to check the furniture.

We are in a bit of a rush and have to finish the deadline and open the office by the end of this month that is April. Hope you will understand our urgency. I would kindly request you to send the quotations as early as possible. Your prompt action in this regard would be highly appreciated and beneficial to us as well.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Rhett Butler

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