Request Letter For Proposal


A request letter for proposal is a letter written by a company when it wants to extend its contract with the company with which it is already working. It is a business letter and hence has to formal and polite. Many a time, companies have a lot of work on their plate and so it outsources some of its work to other company. If they like working with the company concerned it may continue their relation and continue to work together. In a case of any legal contract, they can extend it to the benefit of both the companies concerned.

Keep the letter to the point and simple. Mention why you would want to continue to work with the company. Do not deviate from the topic. Mention about the contract. Do not make any grammatical or spelling errors. Keep the option open for any negotiations if required. Remember to show courtesy and treat them as equals.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter of the same.


Mehul Sharma,

Production Head,

Kharvind Brands, Bangalore

20 April 2017


Nitin Ranjan,

Merchandising Head,

Shyamli Kraft, Bangalore

Subject: Request Letter

Dear Mr. Ranjan,

It has been 6 years since we have been working together. We are impressed by the dedication of your company and your inputs. You have maintained our quality standards and ensured timely delivery of the garments which has in turn not only made us stand up in front of our clients but it has also brought both of our companies immense business profits from which both of us are benefitting.

We would like to extend you the courtesy of being our partner and outsourcing company for manufacturing our garments in the absence of our own garment manufacturing factories. We can decide the tenure of the contract after further discussions. We have already raised this issue with the board and they are more than happy with this decision and have given a green flag.

I can assure you we will be reaching new heights of success if both us keep Amal gating our sources and keep working dedicatedly. We are sure to make a good pair and seeing the past results I am only more confident of the glittering rewards that lie ahead of us. This decision will benefit us both and I am sure we can give a tough competition to other companies.

Now the decision is for you to make. We would be immensely glad if you would accept our proposal and be willing to work with us for some more years. Hoping for a positive response.

Thanking You.


Yours Sincerely,

Mehul Sharma

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