Request for Promotion Letter, Sample & Format

Request for Promotion LetterA request for Promotion letter is usually rare unless certain circumstances compel the employee to request for a promotion. The letter should state the reason(s) for the promotion request clearly and professionally so that the company does not feel put off by the promotion request but will act favorably to the promotion request.


Judy Hubbard

Sales Executive

Arlington Real Estate

January 11, 2011


Ian Richards

Managing Director

Arlington Real Estate

Dear Sir

Re: Request for Promotion

I am writing to make a bold request. I would like to request your kind consideration of promoting me to the currently vacant position of Sales Manager.

It has been four months since Mr. Jimmy Myers has left the company, and his position of Sales Manager is now vacant. Many customers have been calling in to speak with the Sales Manager to close some deals. They are unwilling to speak with Sales Executive.

I believe I am qualified to take on Mr. Myers’ responsibilities as Sales Manager as I have been with the organization for more than five years. I have also assisted Mr. Myers in closing many big deals. I am familiar with all our major clients and have no issue servicing them.

I hope you will consider my promotion request favorably so that we can move Arlington Real Estate to another level in our success path.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Judy Hubbard

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