Reprimand Letter

Introduction :

A reprimand letter is one that is written by a higher authority over the recipient of the letter, chiding the recipient for some unwarranted, and the foolish act performed. The reprimand letter serves to discipline the recipient over his recent unacceptable behavior. It may contain a penalty or caution clause for the recipient to take note of. People end up doing foolish or unacceptable act for which they need to bear the punishment. That is when this letter is written.

A reprimand letter is a formal letter that contains the action taken against an individual on occasion of an unacceptable behavior done by him or her. It should mention in detail regarding the deed done by the individual and when he/she shall bear the punishment given by the collective authority. Once through the letter, check the same for grammatical mistakes.


Sample :

The following is the sample of reprimand letter.



Lucio A. Martinez,

Store Manager,

Double D Office Supplies.

Portland, OR 97225

Date : August 12, 2017


William Henderson,


Double D Office Supplies.

Dear Mr. Henderson,

Subject : Reprimand over Careless Behavior

After a thorough investigation over last week’s incidence of theft, it was concluded that you are solely responsible for the break-in.

The CCTV at the store’s back door recorded that you did not fasten up the door and double lock it as per store’s instructions and requirements. As such, the thieves were able to break the single lock on the outside to enter the store. We never had a break in before and so it was an extremely careless behavior on your side, to not close up the store properly.

Although our insurance covered the loss from the theft, the management is extremely upset with your carelessness. But since it was your first time in being careless with the store’s security, the management has deliberated and decided to let you off the hook with this reprimand letter.

Should you repeat such bad behavior and irresponsibility again in the future, you will be given a termination letter. Please understand the severity of this reprimand letter as no further warnings will be given to you for another serious offense with regards to the store’s safety. We hope you take this letter very seriously or else it might cost you your job in the future.

Double D Office Supplies is expecting to see improved performance from you as of today.

From Double D Office Supplies,

Lucio Martinez

Store Manager

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