Reprimand an Employee for Breach of Policy


A letter reprimanding an employee for breach of policy is written by the head of the company or organisation when the employee does not follow a particular policy of the company.  In the letter depending on the severity of the situation you can either give a warning and leave the employee or take action against them. You need to mention in detail about their misconduct and let them know that such a behaviour would not be tolerated.

As it is a formal letter keep the tone of the letter formal. Make sure the letter is not too long but to the point and concise. Also ensure that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the letter. The language of the letter will depend on the seriousness of the situation. In the letter you can also ask the employee to give their explanation regarding their behaviour and let them know that it will not be tolerated.



Shalini mathur

Sales executive

Cisco enterprises


21st December, 2016


Deepak Chopra

Head H.R department

Cisco enterprises


Miss mathur

It been been brought to my notice that for over a month now you have been coming late to work. Despite repeated warnings from your head, you made no change in your behaviour.  You have without any guilt breached the company’ s rules. As mentioned in the rules book of the company, 2% of your salary will be deducted.

Also there have been complains against you regarding your rowdy behaviour against other employees of the company.  You have also been found using the official number and internet of the company for personal use. This time I am leaving you with a warning but if you are found repeating the same mistakes and behaviour again you will be facing dire consequences.

You have been a valuable employee of our company for a really long time now and thus such kind of mistakes are not expected from you. You can contact the councillors in the company for any kind of help if required. Hope to see your good behaviour back soon.

Wishing you the best


Deepak Chopra

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