Rental Termination Letter

Rental Termination Letter


When a landlord has leased his property to a tenant, a proper contract is signed by both the parties about their intention and the time period for which the place has been leased out. Also, the contract mentions all other necessary legal requirements that are made by both the parties at the time of the leasing. In case the tenant wishes to terminate the contract early, a formal intimation letter must be sent to the Landlord.

A Rental Termination Letter is written in such cases when the tenant wishes to leave the place before the due date. The letter must be written formally and should be kept brief, mentioning a valid reason for why they have to terminate the contract early. The letter should be written well in advance and should be given way prior to the date of leaving the place. The tenant must provide all necessary details of the area that they are leasing.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Rental Termination Letter


Sara W. Lorenz

3138 Orphan Road
Radisson, WI 54867



Edward H. Escalante

2085 Stuart Street
Gibsonia, PA 15044

Dear Mr. Escalante,

Subject: Rental Termination

This letter is to inform you of my intention to terminate the renting of my current premise, address as listed in this letter, as of the end of this month.

According to our rental contract, I need to provide only a week’s notice to terminate the rental of your premises to me. I would like to apologize for this termination, but I need to return home to the Philippines quickly next week due to some home emergencies. I do not foresee myself coming back in a couple of months based on the intensity of the emergency.

Hence, it is better for me to terminate the rental than to leave the place vacant. I shall be removing all my stuff by the end of the month. I shall return all keys to you in your office before then. In case you would like to check the apartment for any damages, you can visit this weekend and make sure everything is in place. I would also leave my account details with you and hope that you would reimburse me the security deposit that I had paid when I leased out your apartment.

Thank you for your kind understanding and for being a good landlord during my years of tenancy with you. I hope to hear from you soon

Respectfully yours,

Your Sincerely

Sara Lorenz

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