Rental Application Reference Letter


A Rental Application Reference Letter is written to the landlord or the landlady by a person who wishes to secure a temporary or permanent tenancy in their apartment. This letter is important because of many reasons, some of which being enhancement of credibility, secure proof of identity to begin with some. A reference letter written in a different and more attractive way is a sure shot way of differentiating a person from other applicants and for better chances of enhancement of approved rental agreement by the owner of an apartment.

A clear, concise, precise and accurate letter is expected by the landlord along with some documents as the proof of your identity and permanent residential address.These documents may include Adhaar Card, Voter ID card, Pan Card, Ration Card etc. It is best advisable to keep the documents and their photocopied versions handy before submitting the reference letter to the apartment owner.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Rental Application Reference Letter.


Shambhavi Upadhyay,

N15/584 Kamachcha,


28 April 2017


Mr. Ankur Mishra,

4th Apartment, Lush Residentials,

32 Vineet Khand,

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Subject: Rental Application Reference Letter.

Dear Mr. Mishra,

I am writing to express my strong desire to lease the apartment owned by you in Lush Residential Locality. I am an unmarried woman in my twenties wishing to stay alone to pursue my higher studies in Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.  I wish to rent your apartment for residential purposes for a span of 2 years starting from the month of April 2017 and ending in April of 2019.

I have currently had my graduation from one of the premier engineering institutes of India, National Institute of technology, Silchar, Assam. I belong to a reputed family from Varanasi and I am proud to have been a straight 10 CGPA student throughout my academic career, be it in school life or my graduation. I am also doing a steady work from home job in the field of Content Development with the reputed Firm of Scalium Digital Media Private Limited. I am interested in your apartment as it meets my requirements.

I have some inquiries about the apartment as well as the locality but it can wait until we meet each other. As to the certification documents about my identity and my academics, I am attaching the xerox copies of the same with this letter. I am a very Peaceful person and I promise to take good care of your property.

Thanking you,


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