Rent Agreement Letter


Giving out your real estate property on rent is not an easy task and needs to follow the required protocol. Giving and taking a property on rent can be done smoothly only through mutual understanding and cooperation. But at the same time, one cannot be taken for granted and the various documentations need to be sorted as a legal proof of the agreement. Hence, a rent agreement letter serves this purpose for future reference.

A rent agreement letter is sent by either one of the parties to the other to confirm the agreement. It is a formal letter, hence it must be short and precise. It must mention all the details mentioned in the agreement in short. It must also clarify any doubts and not leave any matter unnoticed. In the end, you must mention your contact details in case of any queries or doubts. The tone of the letter must be positive.

Sample letter:

The following is a sample of a rent agreement letter.


John Richards,

Grandview Villa,

Mumbai 908706.

7 July 2015


Carol Sharma,

Nine Avenue,

Mumbai 609876.

Subject: Rent Agreement

Dear Sir,

This is in regard to our agreement about me renting out my flat at Grandview Villa. We have already discussed all the terms across the table. This letter is to just confirm the agreement and have a transparency in the business. Since we have become good friends now, I do not think that there will be any problem.

As per our mutual decision, we would be renting out our house to you for a period of six months. Later if the need may arise, we can discuss further and extend the agreement. The rent will be Rs.20,000/- per month and we will accept a refundable deposit of Rs.50,000/- along with the rent amount of the first month. The services and amenities included have already been informed to you.

I am attaching a co[py of all the rules and regulations as well as terms and conditions along with this letter. I request you to please sign a copy and mail it to me as a proof of your acceptance. I think this is all I wanted to say. In the case of any queries and doubts regarding the agreement, you can call me anytime on my number 5667890234 or email me at

Also, I wanted to discuss when will you be shifting in the house and regarding few other small aspects.

We hope you enjoy your stay and we look forward to maintaining a personal as well as a business relation with you.

Waiting to hear from you.

Kind Regards,

John Richardson.

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