Release Letter

Introduction :

Release letters are written to inform anyone that they are free or have been released from their duties and responsibilities. It is generally written from an employer to his employee to inform that they are free from their duties on completion of a contractual relationship or any other work for which the person was employed. Companies recruit people for various purposes like trainees, interns, etc. who later on become the main employee. However, interns may not be keen to continue working in the organization after the period discussed between them. On its completion, it is the duty of the employer to write them a release letter.

A release letter is a formal letter and has to be written professionally. It must contain a genuine reason behind the release or else the employee might think that its his/her mistake. It should mention the responsibilities which the person had and is freed from and also the date from which it has become ineffective.


Sample :

The following is the sample of a release letter.



Shraddha Khuntey,

HR Head,

TER Pvt. Ltd.



Tony Singh,

Accounts Intern,

TER Pvt. Ltd.

Subject – Release Letter.

Dear Tony,

It is with great delight that I am informing you of completion of your internship term with us. You had signed the internship contract for 3 months starting from 3rd may, 2011 Р3rd august, 2011. Congratulations on its successful completion.

During this time, you were supposed to do the basic accounts work i.e., maintaining books of accounts of our firm which included cash book, purchase book and all other accounts, whichever was necessary. You have shown full determination towards your work. Not only did you complete your work on time but also helped your superiors with other work. It was good to have you around.

However, since your term is complete, I would like to inform you that from today you have been released from all your responsibilities as an intern. Also, among all other interns of your batch, your performance has been most inspiring. So, we would also like to offer you a job position in our firm. To take it or not, it’s up to you. We have attached your internship completion letter and the offer letter along with this.¬†If you wish to take up the job, respond immediately as we are in need of a financial analyst.

Congratulations once again and all the best!

Yours sincerely,

Shraddha Khuntey,

HR Head,

TER Pvt. Ltd.


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