Release Letter from Employer, Sample & Format

Release Letter from EmployerThe employer writes a Release letter from the employer to his employee who has indicated his wish to resign or leave the company. The employer has to accept the employee’s resignation and inform him with a release letter. A release letter could also be given when the employer is willing to release the employee earlier than the stipulated date of exit.


Far East Engineering Industry

889 Valley Street
Austin, TX 78990

February 10, 2011


Joanne Wesley

Sales Executive

Far East Engineering Industry

Ms. Wesley

RE: Release letter

This letter acknowledges receipt of your resignation letter dated February 1, 2011.

After careful deliberation, the company is ready to release you from your current responsibilities in Far East Engineering Industry with immediate effect, as you have requested in your resignation letter.

There is nothing outstanding that requires your attention, and your superior, Mr. Fairchild, is on top of things. Hence, it is agreeable to the management to release you soonest possible according to your request.

Today shall be your last day at work. Any dues will be computed to you by the Accounts Department. Please remove only your personal belongings from the company at the end of this work day.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Far East Engineering Industry

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