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A refusal letter is a generalized letter whose objective is to turn down a request. Several topics could be included under this category, some of which include Leave refusal letter, promotion refusal letter, donation refusal letter etc . The general outline of the letter based on which it is written is to refuse to carry out a certain request, action or procedure.

Start off by acknowledging the request made by the individual. Proceed by providing a detailed reasoning as to why the request can not be processed or gone ahead with it. If required also attach a photocopy of documents that support and supplement your argument. The letter under consideration here is a leave application. Refusal of leave application can be on several grounds some of which include, an overflow of work and an inability to spare employees, too many leaves taken by the candidate in question or due to poor performance which does not allow the candidate to take any leaves.


The Company

Building No 8

King Street-2829292



DLF Ph 2

King Street-29282882

Subject: Refusal of Leave Application

Mr Rahul

We regret to inform you that the company will not be able to grant you the leave you have applied for from June 20th to June 28th. The primary reason for the same is that you have already exhausted the number of leaves that is,  20 days assigned to the company’s employee on an annual basis.  Based on our company policy you are no longer eligible to take any more paid leaves.

This said the company is not at a position to allow you to take any paid leaves either. With the introduction of the recent Goods and Services Tax all hands are currently tied. We need all employees on board to do the relevant research of several diverse industries and companies operating within those industries.  A detailed summary report of the same needs to be prepared by 20th of June. We have been appointed to present the same to the Tax Committee, of the Government of India. Since all meetings are scheduled between 20th and 30th June we will not be able to grant you your leave.

The company’s priority right now is the complete the projects in pipeline, given the circumstances no employee is allowed to take any leave other than a sick leave before the 15th of July.  We will however be able to entertain your request for a leave post 15th of July. However we strongly recommend you to not take any more leaves for the remaining part of the year otherwise we will be forced to Red Line your employee code that is, highlight all those employees who have taken an increasing number of leaves.

Feel free to reach out to the Human Resource department in case of any queries.

Thank you

Shilpa Malhotra

HR Manager

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