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Many official activities require a reference letter for the person applying or the individual concerned. It could be from your boss or any other superior, your professor, head of the institution you study in or work under, etc. As suggested by the name, a Reference Letter from Neighbor is the one written by your neighbor. This letter could be written for application for passport or visa, for police clearance certificate, or even as a character certificate.

A Reference Letter from Neighbor must be formal and severe in style as it is usually written for official reasons only. This letter must contain the friend’s opinion of the concerned person. Often, these letters contain the positive traits of the person. However, a reference letter containing the negative traits of the person concerned can also be written. The following is a reference letter from a neighbor, written as a character certificate.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Reference Letter from Neighbor.


Emma R. Carania

25 Rose Street

Salisbury, London



Anton M. Smith

45, Raven Square

Salisbury, London

Subject: Character Certificate

Dear Mr. Smith,

I, Emma Rhaella Carania, am writing this letter to you as a character certificate for Ms. Eleanor Catherine Sanders. I have known Ms. Sanders for more than five years, and in the duration of these five years, she has displayed various traits and skills much sought for in a school teacher.

First and foremost, I would like to state that Ms. Sanders is a sincere and dedicated person. Once she has her mind set on a task or activity, she works hard to do it in the best possible way. She does not give up on her endeavors halfway through but instead persists till the task at hand is completed to her utmost satisfaction. She is very responsible too.

Ms. Sanders is the mother of two and is well experienced in handling children. I have seen her talk to and spend time with other children as well and her charisma is quite impressive. Children in our neighborhood are fond of her and love spending time with her. She is patient with them when it comes to dealing with any problems or mischief.

Due to all the reasons stated above, I firmly believe that Ms. Sanders is suitable for the job. She would make an amazing teacher at your school. I hope you will consider this letter as well as her application to the job.

Thank you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

Emma Carania

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