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A reference letter is a document which assesses the qualities and capabilities of a person. It is provided by an employer, when a person switches company, to prove their experience. It is not easy to get a good job now a days. Whenever a candidate gets the job, he had applied for, along with other documents, it’s always good to submit a reference letter from the previous employer.

A reference letter from previous employer is a formal letter. It contains details of the previous employment of the candidate like his job position, his conduct in the office, responsibilities carried out by him, etc. The letter should be professional and to the point. It should not contain any false details regarding the candidate as it can affect the candidate’s future in many ways. Also, no exaggeration should be there in the letter.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of reference letter from previous employer.



Kishan Kundu,

HR executive,

Coaltrick Ltd.

Date – 21st July, 2017


Mrinal Shrivastava,

HR Head,

DiCoal Ltd.

Subject – Reference letter.

Dear Mrinal,

I highly recommend Gaurav Singh as a candidate for the┬áposition of senior accounts officer in your company. He has worked in our organization for a period of 6 years and I can vouch for his talent. You won’t be able to find anyone better than him at his work.

He is an extremely dedicated employee, who rarely took even an off. Not only his dedication towards the company is unwavering but also his knowledge in his own field is really great. He is always updated with the latest updates in the market and works accordingly. In only 6 years, he has achieved a ladder in his career which is impossible for most of the people.

Ours is a small firm as compared to yours so he can’t achieve more than he already has if he remains here. Though he is an in disposable employee and letting him go from our organization is a huge loss to us but we always want our employees to do their best and achieve success in their field. His academic qualifications also proves that he is a merit holder and his work experience makes him the most eligible person for the employment.

If you have any other queries regarding him, feel free to contact me. I have attached documented proof along with this letter for keeping data.

Yours sincerely,

Kishan Kundu,

HR executive,

Coaltrick Ltd.

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