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It is no secret that with growing competition, getting a job is a huge and challenging task. Sometimes one needs to change or leave their job due to various reasons. In such cases, It always helps to have a reference letter from their previous employer ready in hand while applying for a new job. Such letter might be needed when you are applying for a job in the same sector in a different state or place. Such a letter can act as a testimony towards your claim on that job spot. It also can prove that you have relevant and valuable experience that can be of help once you are hired for the new firm. This letter increases your scope for getting the job. A previous employer’s letter can act as a positive enforcement for the job applicant.

Usually, this letter is written by the manager of the firm. While writing the letter, one must mention in what capacity the job applicant worked and proved crucial for your firm. You can mention any outstanding achievements or contributions by the same. It necessarily should include positive notes as well an account of the experience that you had working with that person. Keep the letter brief and to the point. Make sure that the letter is properly stamped with your name and that of the firms. Use our sample letter below to write your letter.



Royal HR Services



Executive Manager

Gupta Sales Corp.

Subject: Reference Letter


It pleases me to know that Max Reed has applied for the post of sales manager at your firm. He worked as a sales executive directly under me for two years. A dedicated young man, Max has never failed to disappoint me in his work. He is passionate, hard working and understanding enough which is what makes him worthy of the job at your firm.

He had led the sales team in the past year. He has managed to work efficiently as well as manage everyone working with him. He has always been ahead of time in completing his targets. Apart from that, he has a wonderful job presence. His calm and cool personality has always made dealing with him a pleasant affair. As a manager, I would say that his work was fruitful for your company and I can personally vouch for him, he won’t disappoint you.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Amita Ghosh


Royal HR Services

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