Reference Letter From A Manager


A reference letter is much needed nowadays whenever a person joins anywhere new. It is done to make sure that the proof provided by the person is indeed true and also that he is reliable enough to be considered for the job. A reference letter from the manager is one that a manager writes for his subordinates when they join new organization. It helps in establishing a good repo from the start and increases chances of getting the job as one who has already worked with you knows you better at work than anyone else.

A reference letter from the manager is a formal letter that contains information regarding previous employment of the candidate for whom the reference is being made. It must be written biased free, and the facts must be absolutely true as it can affect the candidate’s future. Mention all the qualities that make the candidate worthy of the position.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of reference letter from manager.


Shreeman Bhagat,

Technical Manager,

PortLio Pvt. Ltd.

Date – 1st July, 2017


Rishab Bajaj,

HR Executive,

Trivam Pvt. Ltd.

Subject – Reference Letter

Dear Rishab,

This letter is being written to inform you that the candidate named Shailesh Biswas is fit for the post of Technical Manager in your organization. He has been working as my assistant since 3 years and has never given me a chance to complain.

He had joined as a trainee but with his hard work and dedication soon climbed up the ladder of success and secured a post as an assistant to me. He knows his job like no one else. Not only is he punctual but also cordial towards his colleagues and helps them in thick spots. He literally worships his workplace as he has never taken an off without a legit reason, i.e., family issues.

I highly recommend him for this post because having worked closely with him in the past, I have seen that he has a great potential and can handle situations easily. He is also a good leader and a great motivation to many who are new to the organization. As he joined as a trainee in this organization, he is very humble and down to earth and has never used his position in his favor. I can’t suggest any other candidate more suitable than him.

If you have any other queries regarding him, feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Shreeman Bhagat,

Technical Manager,

PortLio Pvt. Ltd.

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