Reference Letter From A Doctor


A reference letter from doctor is generally written for a person who is applying in a new organization. It serves as a proof for the fact that the candidate is physically and mentally capable of doing the job entrusted to him. In the recent years, a medical checkup of employees before their offer letter has become a necessity in every organization. It is done so to check the suitability of the candidate as only a person with healthy mind can concentrate on their work.

A reference letter from a doctor is a formal letter to an employer, stating the mental and physical health of the candidate who is being referred in the letter. The letter should contain the true facts and reports regarding the candidate as it can affect his future in many ways. Such test is usually conducted by the company after his being shortlisted in the preliminary stages.


Sample Letter

The following is the sample of reference letter from doctor.



Harsha Sinha,

Medical Officer,

Ambuja hospital.

Date – 12th June, 2017


Divya Baghel,

HR Executive,

Shree Pvt. Ltd.

Subject – Reference letter.

Dear Divya,

I am Dr. Harsha Sinha, a Medical Officer of Ambuja hospital. I am writing this letter to refer to one of patients who has applied for a certain vacancy in your company. Her name is Divya Baghel and she has been my patient for sometime now that is why I know her personally and professionally.

She always has her routine checkup done by me and so far, she hasn’t had any serious complications. In fact, she is a very lively person and from what I have known about her is also very trust worthy. She has strong sense of morale as has time and again participated in various campaigns organized by my hospital. She is one of the most encouraging person I have ever met. Whenever she visits this hospital, she always takes time to talk to those who are suffering from serious ailment and motivate them to hold on.

She is also very kind hearted for she never forgets to donate some money for the poor during her visit here. I can’t think of any person who would be more suitable for the job than her. If you wish to discuss any query regarding her, feel free to contact me. For your reference, I have attached her medical history along with his letter.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Harsha Sinha,

Medical Officer,

Ambuja hospital

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