Reference Letter For Internship


An internship is very important for a person who has an intent on enhancing his or her industrial skills in the context of the field they are currently studying in. It is very important for the contender to write an exemplary letter for grabbing the opportunity all by himself or herself. But what is equally important is getting a recommendation or in other words, a reference letter by a prominent academician or industrial who can certify your skills as well as vouch for your abilities on his or her behalf.

This kind of letter should be skillfully written and that too in a strictly followed formal pattern, failing to do which, may lead to exponentially reduced Internship opportunities. An internship reference letter should be focussed on one’s skills as well as credibility. It should be short, clear, concise and accurate as well as it can prove to be crucial for the upcoming career of an individual.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Reference Letter For Internship.


Shirish Sharma

Scalium Digital Media Limited,

14, vincent chase,

Sector 34,



28 April 2017


The editor,

The  times of India,

32 lane,

Rosewood Avenue,

Gurgaon Office,

Delhi NCR

Subject: Reference Letter for Internship.

Respected Sir,

Ms. Shambhavi Upadhyay has been working with us as a content writing intern for past three months and she has proved herself to be an efficient and hardworking intern in a very short span of time. Her dedication and devotion towards her passionate inclination towards writing are commendable as well as admirable in every possible way. She is known to complete each of the assigned tasks before the deadline.

Compared to other interns she has completed many high-level projects single handily. Additionally, she demonstrated professionalism and respect by timely submitting her projects as well as communicating clearly in staff meetings. The professionals were extremely impressed by her final internship presentation, which reflected her growth as a promising expert in Content Writing. We have been proud of her consistent and exponential growth from the very first day of her venture as an intern. We take great pleasure in recommending her for a job opening at your company.

I therefore strongly recommend her as a Content writing intern at your firm. As the chief editor of our team, I have no doubt in my mind that Shambhavi’s hard work and devotion has prepared her for this internship. I am confident she will be a strong asset to your program.

We wish and hope for her to have a better future and a better tomorrow.

Thanking you.

Shirish Sharma


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