Reference Letter For A Friend

Reference Letter For A FriendIntroduction

A reference letter for a friend is written to confirm the good character of a friend so that the recipient will be assured of the friend’s character before making a response with regards to the friend.  The sender must know the friend well enough to write that which is favorable for his friend. This letter can also be seen as an act of kindness as by writing this letter you are opening doors for your friend.

You should always write this letter in a positive tone as it could make or break your friends career.  Writing a reference letter can also be taken as an act of kindness and a mark of friendship as you are helping them with something  that could be very useful to them, While writing a reference letter you should make sure that you mention all the good things about that person in detail, so that it’s considered enough assurance. Be very honest while writing a reference letter and add genuine content to the letter.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of a reference letter for a friend


Bobby T. Luman

General Secretary

Worldwide Charitable Association

2322 Bloomfield Way
Aurora, ME 04408


To Whomsoever  It May concern

Subject: Reference for Mr. William Hayden

This letter serves to attest that as we all are very well aware of, Mr.William Hayden has been working in this very same company for four years. When I joined this company, things were hard to get used to in new environment. At that time, Mr. William was an amazing support system for me, as they say a friend in need is a friend indeed, he not only made me feel comfortable in that environment but also he helped me a lot professionally. In an era where of competition, it is very hard to find a support like that. 

If I go on to describe Williams character, I may fall short of words as he is one of a kind, he is by far the most kind person I’ve come across, he is driven and optimistic, he truly has a heart of gold; when there were several charitable organizations held by the company, his presence was always known, he made sure everything went on smoothly and helped a lot financially too.

With such an excellent character, I have no doubt that Mr. Hayden will be the most suitable candidate for your esteemed organization and he will effectively contribute in achieving your goals.

Please do not hesitate to call me for further clarifications on Mr. Hayden. I believe you will find him an asset to your organization.

Thanking you

Yours Truly,

Bobby Luman

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