Reference Check Letter, Sample & Format

Reference Check LetterA Reference check letter is usually written by the company that has received a reference from a potential job applicant. The letter is written to confirm the character of the job applicant to consider his suitability for the job applied. The letter seeks to establish the character of the job applicant by the recipient.


Michael L. McCoy

Recruitment Manager

Top Manufacturing Industry

331 High Meadow Lane
Hanover Township, PA 18706

February 10, 2011


Dr. Charles Kennedy

Senior Professor

Engineering Faculty

University of Texas

1219 Valley Lane
Austin, TX 78701

Dear Sir

RE: Reference for Kenny Fairchild

We have received your name as a reference for Mr. Kenny Fairchild in his application for the post of Hardware Engineer at Top Manufacturing Industry.

We would like to confirm your relationship with Mr. Kenny Fairchild as well as his ability to engage in precision tools and design engineering. We would appreciate your time to reply this request on the issues mentioned above.

We find Mr. Fairchild a likely candidate for the post applied and would like your esteemed opinion on his engineering skills before offering him the post. All information provided shall be treated in the strictest confidence between us.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.


Michael L. McCoy

Recruitment Manager

Top Manufacturing Industry

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