Recommendation Request Letter


A recommendation request letter is written by an individual to other to request him to write a recommendation for the purpose of some job, joining educational institute or even a club. Nowadays, the public has become more aware of whatever is happening in their surroundings. So, for the safety of the public, the institutes or clubs or organizations often demand a recommendation letter for the prospective candidate, as his character certificate.

A recommendation request letter can be formal or informal depending upon the relationship the person has with the individual. If the person is asking his old employer to write a recommendation letter, then it is a formal one, but if the request is done to a friend, then it is an informal letter. Mention the reason behind why you want a recommendation i.e., whether for a job or joining any institute. Once through the letter, check for its grammatical correctness.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of recommendation request letter.


Tina Mehta,

Sales Manager,

ABS Corporation Pvt. Ltd.



Shristi Dutta,

HR Head,

ABS Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Subject – Recommendation request letter.

Dear Shristi,

Hello and warm greetings to you. I am writing this letter to ask for a favor from you. I need you to write me a recommendation letter.

As you know that I will be leaving this company soon, I have applied to some jobs, where my family is being transferred. I have not been able to spend proper time with them due to the distance between my hometown and this city, and now with the deteriorating health of my father, I want to spend most of my time with my family. I have already given you my resignation letter and am serving my notice period here which shall be over by next week.

I have always worked hard in this company, gave the best I could offer. If you ask my immediate boss, he shall also tell you that I have always followed all his orders and completed the task assigned to me on time. Now, the company where I have applied seeks a recommendation letter. If you write the same for me, that would be of great help to me. Since this is an authorized organization, your letter would be much more efficient in landing me with the job. I do hope you take my request into consideration. Waiting to hear a positive response.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Tina Mehta,

Sales Manager,

ABS Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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