Recommendation Letter for Scholarship

Recommendation Letter for Scholarship


A Recommendation Letter for Scholarship is written by a commanding authority who recommends a student or students for some financial assistance. The sender could be an academic authority who is familiar with the student’s academic and character performance and writes well with regards to the student so that a favorable consideration for a scholarship is given. In order to give someone a scholarship, a recommendation from the faculty is asked for who is familiar with the student and is adept at making an observation.

It is a formal letter. It should include the reason so as to why do you think the particular students deserve a scholarship. The tone of the letter should be formal and polite. After writing the letter one must check it to see there are no types of errors. In case you feel the need you can attach the documents of the students you are recommending for the receiver to see.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Recommendation Letter for Scholarship.


Kim L. Brown,


Blakely High School,

441, Lonely Oak Drive,
Mobile, Algeria 36608

July 2, 2010


Russell D. Chadwick,

Scholarship Chairperson,

State Community College,

4572 Arthur Avenue,
Maple Park, Illinois 60151

Subject: Recommendation Letter for Scholarship

Dear Russell,

It is my pleasure to write to you again to recommend a couple of Blakely High School’s exemplary students for a scholarship at your distinguished place of study.

This year, I would like to recommend the following students.

  1. Dale Wilson
  2. Emily Parker
  3. Isaac Carson

These are the top ten students from Blakely High who wish to pursue further programs at your Community College but lack the funds to pay the tuition fee. Their background references and academic records are attached for your Scholarship Board’s kind consideration.

These three have constantly topped their class exams for the last six year. Dale is a member of the debate club and has won many accolades for it. Emily is a member of the distinguished drama club. Issac is a mathlete and has won may inter-school Match quizzes. All these three are disciplined and hardworking children.

I am pleased to note your kind assistance in highly recommending Blakely High students for a scholarship at your esteemed college over the past years. I am delighted to note that previous scholarship recipients from Blakely High have been performing well.

I look forward to a stronger collaboration between Blakely High and State Community College in the future.

Thanking you.

Respectfully yours,

Kim L. Brown


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