Recommendation Letter for Promotion

Recommendation letter for promotion


A Recommendation letter for promotion is written by the immediate boss for one of his subordinates to be promoted. It could be part of the company’s appraisal exercise where an outstanding employee is recommended for a promotion, or there could be a vacancy in the organization that is of a higher position for an employee which the superior feels is suited to. This type of letter is a formal letter. This is written when a person is asked to recommend his/ her subordinate for a promotion.

A recommendation for promotion is asked so that it is established which employee deserves a promotion. You can attach any type of documents that support your claim. Make sure you aren’t biased while choosing an employee for a recommendation. Also be sure to check that you didn’t make any error while writing the letter. Never ever let go of polite tone in your letter as it makes it pleasant to read.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Recommendation Letter for Promotion.


Brian G. Peeples,

Department Head,

Sales & Marketing,

Mobile Devices & Technology

January 10, 2011


Gary Hughes,


Mobile Devices & Technology.

Subject: Recommendation to promote Ms. Sara Sullivan

Dear Sir,

I would like to put in my recommendation to promote Ms. Sara Sullivan as Assistant Sales Manager from her current position of Sales Executive. The promotion can be effective from February 1, 2011, after your kind consideration.

Ms Sullivan has been with the Sales team for three years since she joined the company. She is a hardworking employee who picked up the company’s products very quickly with a good sales track record. She has met her sales target every month on the sales of mobile phones and accessories, even the latest models. She interacts very well with the customers as well as her peers.

As the company sales activities increase this year, I would require more assistance in managing the department to ensure meeting our sales target. I strongly believe and recommend Ms. Sullivan to be promoted to Assistant Sales Manager where she can contribute to the creative sales strategies and administration of the department. Since she has worked at the ground level I am sure her experience will work in our favor.

Attached herewith are her sales records for your review. I hope you will find them to your satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details. I look forward to your approval on my recommendation of Ms. Sullivan.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Brian G. Peeples,

Department Head,

Sales & Marketing.


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