Recommendation Letter for MBA

Recommendation Letter for MBA


In today’s educational world with the increasing competition, to get into an institute of your choice is extremely difficult. You need to prove yourself to the prospective institute and stand out from the rest. Hence, at such times a recommendation from a higher authority or from someone who knows you well is of immense importance. Such a letter highlights your attributes thus giving the institute an insight into you. A recommendation letter increases your credibility thus increasing your chances to get the admission.

An academic authority usually writes a Recommendation letter for MBA on behalf of his student, probably an undergraduate who wishes to further his business knowledge and acumen through an MBA program. A highly recommended letter by prestigious academic authority carries much weight in securing a placement for the coveted MBA program. It is a formal letter, hence it must be short and precise. The tone of the letter must be positive.

Sample letter:

The following is a sample of an MBA recommendation letter


Prof. Larry J. Stoltzfus,

Dean of Undergraduate,

Business School,

New York University

January 12, 2011


Dr. Richard D. Chadwick,

Dean of Graduate School,

MBA Program,

New York University

Subject: Recommendation letter for MBA program

Dear Richard,


Allow me to pen a few kind words on Mr. Jay Marshall, one of my ex-students.

Mr. Jay Marshall graduated from our university’s Business program 2 years ago on Dean’s list. He had a GPA of 3.99. He went on to work with the prestigious Global World Businesses which deals with international business transactions. I have seen him develop as an individual very closely and I can assure you that he has all the required skills and abilities in him to pursue this course.

Hence, Mr. Marshall is now very interested in pursuing his MBA to better equip himself with the necessary knowledge and skills in handling higher level economics and business demands. He is interested in joining your university’s prestigious MBA program which is under your esteemed administration. Hence, I highly recommend him for the same.

I believe Mr. Marshall will excel in NYU MBA program after a detailed discussion with him. Perhaps you might like to have a chat with him to size him up before placing him in your MBA program. I am sure you will agree with me that Mr. Jay Marshall is a suitable candidate for the MBA program. Please contact him directly for an interview.

In the case of any queries or questions, you can contact me on my number 708908124 or drop a mail on

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Prof. Larry J. Stoltzfus

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