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Internships are a part of the world of professionalism. An internship provides one with the experience of working in an office-like atmosphere. Though internships may be very significant for strengthening one’s professional career, it might be equally difficult to get oneself enrolled as an intern at a reputed organization or institution. Hence, a Recommendation Letter for Internship may make the process of selection smooth. A Recommendation Letter for Internship may be written by a supervisor of an institution or organization or by any other authoritative figure.

The writer should incorporate in the letter the correct personal details as well as the qualities and the skills of the candidate which shall be beneficial to the organization where he or she shall be recruited as an intern. The qualification of the candidate should be highlighted most importantly. The writer may also choose to mention certain important achievements of the individual. The letter may be concluded by recommending the candidate as a welcome addition to the organization.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Recommendation Letter for Internship.


Sushil Kumar


Recruitment and Staffing Solutions,

A-12, Green Park,

New Delhi- 110017



Siddharth Bansal


Blue Berry Publishing House,

B-26, Hauz Khas,

New Delhi- 110023

Subject: Recommendation for Anurag Joshi

Dear Mr. Siddharth Bansal,

I am writing to you to recommend Mr. Anurag Joshi as a Content Developer and Editorial intern for your reputed organization, Blue Berry Publishing House. Mr. Joshi has worked as the Content Writer at Recruitment and Staffing Solutions, from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY, and as his supervisor, during the internship, I was impressed in the beginning itself with his sincere dedication towards the work.

Mr. Joshi has graduated from ABC University, Delhi, as the student of English Honours in DD/MM/YYYY with an aggregate of 74%, and has completed his post-graduation in English from NSU University, Mumbai, in MM/YYYY with an aggregate of 62%. He possesses a fine learning of literature and great writing as well as verbal skills. Apart from his literary skills, he also has the habit of being up to date with the current affairs at both national and international levels. As a Content Writer at Recruitment and Staffing Solutions, his responsibilities included working in collaboration with the editorial department to formulate the articles. He can conveniently write on travel and fashion. Along with that, he also has good mathematical and logical reasoning skills. Hence, I think that Mr. Joshi shall be a perfect addition to your publishing house.

Mr. Joshi is accomplished and hardworking. I hope that you shall consider my recommendation for him.

Thanking you for your time.

Yours Sincerely

Sushil Kumar


Recruitment and Staffing Solutions

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